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The Story Behind The Spice Rack

We are a small, independently owned and operated family business in the beautifully historic Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, just 20 minutes from Center City. After becoming first-time parents to our son in February 2016, we began to search for local places that did not require a trip into the center of the city, just to obtain spices, herbs and organic ingredients to use, for cooking his food , since it has been homemade, from the age of 6 months.. After a few "investigative" trips to several local grocery stores, and spending close to three hours reading the back of the plastic, and some glass spice containers the ingredients lists seemed more like scientific terms to say the least.

At that point we went searching for a local store that took the guess work out of cooking with quality ingredients. To our surprise we didn't find anything that really encompassed what we were hoping to find in our community. So, after lots of careful consideration, combined with the need for a knowledgable small batch gourmet spice shop in our area, with took a leap of faith and founded The Spice Rack.

With a variety of fine small-batch, farm fresh, organic, vegan and gluten-free, cooking sauces, olive oils, vinegars, honey, hot sauce, pancake mix & maple syrups, along with other several additional specialty cooking products... We can help you elevate your palate with a new oil & vinegar salad dressing blend, or wow your guests with delicious meals created by you... and all our products are Made In America!

In addition to providing you with some of the finest and the freshest spices available on the market today, we have been creating our own spice blends for over a decade, and have chosen to share them, along with some of our recipes with all of you. Our personally handcrafted spice blends, will help create amazing dishes and delight you and your family, as you share more family meal together. We do carry your traditional pantry spice and herb essentials, however we also have a vast selection for our customers who are adventurous or just looking to try something new.

We also believe it is very important to support other small businesses. By providing handcrafted products from other American made small batch vendors, we can ensure none of the products you find in our shoppe will have questionable ingredients. We are constantly searching for new and exciting products to feature during one of our many monthly tastings, or to possibly add to our shoppe on a more permanent basis. At the end of the day, we strive to find products our customers will enjoy.